Sunday, November 29, 2009

Buffalo Bills Versus Miami Dolphins

The Bills are at home taking on their old nemesis, the Dolphins. Appropriately, I am taking on my old home nemesis - this sea of clutter that has been in my shop garage since the day I moved in. This is an old rivalry that goes back five years, since I purchased this venue.

Click image for high definition instant replay.

A win here would not only be a huge victory in itself but, in my analysis, a major strategic victory for the remaining football season. You see, by clearing out this area, I will be able to park my car in this garage, instead of in my restoration shop - which means that my shop will have a much better chance completing those 27 radiator restorations by the end of the football season. Those of you who read my coverage of the Bills vs. Texans game understand the importance of this.

We are into the 4th quarter. The Bills are leading the Dolphins 14 to 13 and all we need for a victory is to remove the remaining shelving.

Yes, at long last! This is HUGE - a great afternoon for Buffalo's Buffalo Bills and Big Blue's Bloviator. SQUISH!

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