Monday, November 2, 2009

Buffalo Bills Versus Houston Texans - Sports Highlights

My friends are often surprised to learn that BuffaloBloviator Publishing is now the go-to place for news and analysis of events taking place within the world of professional sports.

Over the years, we have applied a little bit of knowledge to a great many subjects. In fact, I am often reminded by our readers that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. With that, we can all be assured that there is no danger in my discussing sports.

My project during this week's home game, between the Buffalo Bills and Houston Texans, tackles removing century old iron pipe fittings from Big Blue's cast iron radiators. Like an athlete, these radiators can only be tested under pressure.

"Big Blue", home of BuffaloBloviator Publishing, at 153 Delaware Avenue in Buffalo.

During the first quarter of the game, I am making a trip downtown to Big Blue to pickup my welding tanks, forced air breathing system, and assorted pipe fittings and valves. I am performing the actual restoration of the radiators over at my North Buffalo shop. My shop used to be an old collision shop and it is better suited as a metal prep facility than is Big Blue.

George Steinbrenner (center) with his partners, taken in Big Blue when it was The Roundtable Restaurant.

As an interesting piece of sports trivia and game color, Big Blue was formerly owned by Yankee's owner George Steinbrenner. In 1977, George Steinbrenner actually announced his purchase of the Yankee's at Big Blue (The RoundTable Restaurant).

Big Blue's neighbor, The Staler Hotel, is shown above as it looked during the 1st quarter of the game. Notice everything is back to normal on Delaware Avenue after having to close the street for a few days.

Here is the spot on the sidewalk where that piece of cornice hit the ground.

The skies are once again blue over our historic Statler Hotel.

If you click this photo, it will enlarge and you will be able to clearly see the corner of the cornice that came loose.

Another highlight of the first quarter of the football game for me was stopping by Buffalo ReUse. I picked up an old building fan made by Buffalo Forge Co. I'll take it back to the shop and sand blast it along with our other iron work.

Please stay tuned for highlights, wrap-ups, and commentary about remaining three quarters of the Bills vs. Texans contest.

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