Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Public Apology To My Friends. I love my wife and I am going to work on making our marriage last.

Our honeymoon view of Niagara Falls. 

As the world waits for Tiger Woods to make his public apology, I am going to step up and take this moment to publicly apologize to my friends. You see, today is the day that each of you who wagered that "this will not last five years", have lost your bets. I told that to my friend, Bill, today and he 'fessed up that the bet going around was actually on whether I would go through with it in the first place. So, I apologize to each of you for making you lose your bets. Actually, The Wife is to blame.

Five years later, I am now an expert on marriage longevity. So today I went ahead and fulfilled a deep need that drives all women. Performing this all but guarantees a successful marriage. Yes, I proved my devotion and manhood today, on our anniversary, by repairing The Wife's washing machine.

As I stood facing the washing machine service panel, I had a flashback to a similar experience exactly five years earlier. I was approaching the church and thinking to myself, "I have no idea what awaits me on the other side".

First, I removed the thing and cleaned it out.


Deep in the forbidding inner workings I found the offending clogged screen. Luckily, I was somewhat familiar with this because my high school bong used similar technology. 

Just like five years ago, I felt lacking for the proper tools.

Life and washing machines have cycles.

We all have attachments.

A watershed moment.

Good for another five years!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Buffalo Bills Versus Miami Dolphins

The Bills are at home taking on their old nemesis, the Dolphins. Appropriately, I am taking on my old home nemesis - this sea of clutter that has been in my shop garage since the day I moved in. This is an old rivalry that goes back five years, since I purchased this venue.

Click image for high definition instant replay.

A win here would not only be a huge victory in itself but, in my analysis, a major strategic victory for the remaining football season. You see, by clearing out this area, I will be able to park my car in this garage, instead of in my restoration shop - which means that my shop will have a much better chance completing those 27 radiator restorations by the end of the football season. Those of you who read my coverage of the Bills vs. Texans game understand the importance of this.

We are into the 4th quarter. The Bills are leading the Dolphins 14 to 13 and all we need for a victory is to remove the remaining shelving.

Yes, at long last! This is HUGE - a great afternoon for Buffalo's Buffalo Bills and Big Blue's Bloviator. SQUISH!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Buffalo Bills Versus Houston Texans - Sports Highlights

My friends are often surprised to learn that BuffaloBloviator Publishing is now the go-to place for news and analysis of events taking place within the world of professional sports.

Over the years, we have applied a little bit of knowledge to a great many subjects. In fact, I am often reminded by our readers that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. With that, we can all be assured that there is no danger in my discussing sports.

My project during this week's home game, between the Buffalo Bills and Houston Texans, tackles removing century old iron pipe fittings from Big Blue's cast iron radiators. Like an athlete, these radiators can only be tested under pressure.

"Big Blue", home of BuffaloBloviator Publishing, at 153 Delaware Avenue in Buffalo.

During the first quarter of the game, I am making a trip downtown to Big Blue to pickup my welding tanks, forced air breathing system, and assorted pipe fittings and valves. I am performing the actual restoration of the radiators over at my North Buffalo shop. My shop used to be an old collision shop and it is better suited as a metal prep facility than is Big Blue.

George Steinbrenner (center) with his partners, taken in Big Blue when it was The Roundtable Restaurant.

As an interesting piece of sports trivia and game color, Big Blue was formerly owned by Yankee's owner George Steinbrenner. In 1977, George Steinbrenner actually announced his purchase of the Yankee's at Big Blue (The RoundTable Restaurant).

Big Blue's neighbor, The Staler Hotel, is shown above as it looked during the 1st quarter of the game. Notice everything is back to normal on Delaware Avenue after having to close the street for a few days.

Here is the spot on the sidewalk where that piece of cornice hit the ground.

The skies are once again blue over our historic Statler Hotel.

If you click this photo, it will enlarge and you will be able to clearly see the corner of the cornice that came loose.

Another highlight of the first quarter of the football game for me was stopping by Buffalo ReUse. I picked up an old building fan made by Buffalo Forge Co. I'll take it back to the shop and sand blast it along with our other iron work.

Please stay tuned for highlights, wrap-ups, and commentary about remaining three quarters of the Bills vs. Texans contest.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Chair Of Ohio Men's Club Becomes Sitting Member Of Buffalo Organization.

Facebook friend, Steve Cichon, suggested to me that it is most appropriate and customary in Buffalo, to transport your new furniture home by wheeling it down the streets.

Here I am with my truck all rigged and equipped for my walk to pick up my smoking chair. I purchased it on Ebay and it arrived to our Greyhound Bus Terminal.

New Era Joe and VeeMan saw me off. They can be seen sitting on the old smoking steps in front of Big Blue.

The Greyhound Bus Terminal in downtown Buffalo.

My truck is loaded and balanced.

I stopped at this corner to watch new cement being poured at our main library.

The spectacular Lafayette Hotel was the first building designed by a women architect.

The smoking chair stopped for a smoke with other downtown Buffalo workers.

Our beautiful gold topped Buffalo Savings Bank building.

A scene unrivaled by any other in the world.

E.B. Green's at the Hyatt features lounge pianist, Jackie Jocko, Tuesday through Saturday. They no longer allow cigar smoking.

The old Miller Livery Stable was in the news this week.


The hand truck pulling up to Big Blue.

New Era Joe honored Buffalo by being our first resident to smoke in the "new" smoking chair. When Joe isn't smoking, he is in charge of maintenance at the New Era Cap Company across the street.

My test drive was successful.

The Big Blue smoking lounge while being remodeled.

A copy cat pushing a hand truck across Delaware at Chip. What are the odds?

Facebook Comments:

Marta Vago
Marta Vago
Even if it weren't, you'd do it anyway and start a new trend.

Steve Cichon
Steve Cichon
I LOVE it. Grandma Cichon smiled down upon your journey. Your chair was lucky to see some grand sights. Mine saw a Fotomat, Sattlers Drugs, PM Berst Funiture, the Paperback Trading Post, Pizza Shanty, and Heidie Tuxedo. I didn't think to take photos.

Brian J. Walker
Brian J. Walker
You need a soundtrack - "Truckin', Home Through Buffalo..."

Dave Sutton
Dave Sutton
I`ll bet ya old Harcord Fenton Mudd would love a shot at THE CHAIR.

Mari McNeil
Mari McNeil
Only you, Howard, would chronicle such an epic journey.

Toni Taber
Toni Taber
Howard, this is great! 'Loved the photos! You & Mary have a style all your own & I'm (we're) loving it!

Jacquie Walker
Jacquie Walker
Howard - this is a priceless record of your sun-splashed journey through downtown Buffalo. I loved every frame of it. (But I'm wondering if you had to pay more for the shipping costs than you did for the chair!)

Jim Trimper Jr
Jim Trimper Jr
Any reason why you did not wheel that bad boy over to city hall and let your buddy the Mayor have the first sit? ;)

Richard E. Reimers
Richard E. Reimers
Much ado about a chair

MaryRuth Rera
MaryRuth Rera
Howard. I love that chair. No. Really. I really love that chair. Howard.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Famous Chain Announced Entering Downtown Buffalo.

Last week I discovered that parked trucks were bumping up against the foundation of my downtown project house, "Big Blue". Perhaps an old fashioned style post and chain fence would keep parked vehicles off of my sidewalk? I lucked out and located some historic chain from an old Erie Canal lock. I will have photos and info about the source, Lock #10 soon. The chain was used to open the lock and let the water flow.

Yesterday, the chain arrived at Big Blue (153 Delaware Avenue).

Here is the truck driver struggling with the 2000 pound crate. The dolly jack wheels sank into the ground and we couldn't move it.

We had to break the crate open and start removing the contents.

This is a finger from the truck driver's work glove that the chain bit off.

Here is the canal chain liberated from the crate. It took an hour just to get the 2000 pound chain into this messy pile.

Meanwhile, the wimpy neighbors across the street at the new Federal Courthouse were relying on cranes to do their heavy lifting.

While I was spending three more hours dragging and stowing the chain, my old friend Larry stopped by to watch and smoke cigarettes. The courtyard is surrounded by parking lots. As everybody was leaving the Statler and getting into their cars, Larry made loud pronouncements about how proud he is of being gay. When I bought the house two years ago it was a gay bar. Between that and Larry's public announcements to my neighbors, all I can say is that it's a good thing I'm married and don't have to be concerned about being able to get a date.

Here is the chain after I tamed it.

All of that exercise made me work up an appetite so I stopped next door at the Hyatt and grabbed a burger with Jackie Jocko and his friend Britney.

Buffalo Bloviator Classic