Friday, April 17, 2009

Famous Chain Announced Entering Downtown Buffalo.

Last week I discovered that parked trucks were bumping up against the foundation of my downtown project house, "Big Blue". Perhaps an old fashioned style post and chain fence would keep parked vehicles off of my sidewalk? I lucked out and located some historic chain from an old Erie Canal lock. I will have photos and info about the source, Lock #10 soon. The chain was used to open the lock and let the water flow.

Yesterday, the chain arrived at Big Blue (153 Delaware Avenue).

Here is the truck driver struggling with the 2000 pound crate. The dolly jack wheels sank into the ground and we couldn't move it.

We had to break the crate open and start removing the contents.

This is a finger from the truck driver's work glove that the chain bit off.

Here is the canal chain liberated from the crate. It took an hour just to get the 2000 pound chain into this messy pile.

Meanwhile, the wimpy neighbors across the street at the new Federal Courthouse were relying on cranes to do their heavy lifting.

While I was spending three more hours dragging and stowing the chain, my old friend Larry stopped by to watch and smoke cigarettes. The courtyard is surrounded by parking lots. As everybody was leaving the Statler and getting into their cars, Larry made loud pronouncements about how proud he is of being gay. When I bought the house two years ago it was a gay bar. Between that and Larry's public announcements to my neighbors, all I can say is that it's a good thing I'm married and don't have to be concerned about being able to get a date.

Here is the chain after I tamed it.

All of that exercise made me work up an appetite so I stopped next door at the Hyatt and grabbed a burger with Jackie Jocko and his friend Britney.

Buffalo Bloviator Classic