Tuesday, July 13, 2010

George Steinbrenner's Buffalo Connection

George Steinbrenner at his Roundtable Restaurant, 153 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo NY.
Max Margulis (left), George Steinbrenner (middle), Lou Madia (right) Lou introduced George to his partners.

I am flying Big Blue's flag at half staff today in tribute to the passing of Roundtable Restaurant founder, George Steinbrenner. Mr. Steinbrenner actually announced his purchase of the Yankees from his restaurant at 153 Delaware Avenue. ("Big Blue" is the nickname coined for the former Roundtable Restaurant building I purchased near Niagara Square because a previous owner painted the entire exterior blue and named it Club Cobalt.)

For a dozen years in the 1960s and 1970s, the Round Table Restaurant in Buffalo was the place to be. Athletes, politicians and onlookers crowded the bar and filled every darkened booth. Max Margulis, who opened the steak house with George Steinbrenner, called the place his "saloon."  

153 Delaware Avenue is the last remaining 19th century Delaware Avenue home near Niagara Square. It was called The Roundtable Restaurant when George Steinbrenner owned it. 

153 Delaware is two doors north of the Buffalo Statler Towers.

Last week I decided to sweep up the old attic down at Big Blue. I found a couple books of old Roundtable Restaurant matches that had literally been hidden by dust.  I started thinking about the last living partner in the restaurant and poked around Google on the Internet. I read George Steinbrenner was not well and was keeping himself away from the public. It occurred to me that there would be a transition one of these days soon and I felt blue about it. He was quite a guy. When I went home I mentioned to The Wife that I checked up on George and how sad it made me to think of such a dynamic man retired and separated from what he loves - and that one of these days his passing will be big news.


  1. Wow! What a history Big Blue has. I feel certain that someday Howard will make a big announcement of some kind from there as well. Best wishes always, Howard.

  2. Chef Anthony Kuzmierczak C.E.CNovember 11, 2015 at 3:25 PM

    Hi Howard, I met you today as I was taking a New Era smoke break. This is Chef Tony C.E.C. of the American Culinary federation. I knew I was risking getting in trouble but, it was well worth it. What a treat just to walk where some of the greatest Yankees have walked, excuse me the greatest Yankee. Do you have this building registered with the National Historic Society? I'm sure there has to be boat loads of grants out there just waiting for you to apply. I see this place as a Yankee Steak house the big blue I can't see how you would not make a fortune! I wish I could get in on this but, the only thing I could bring to the table is 30 years of restaurant experience, contacts as well a lot of passionate hard work! Thanks Again once in a lifetime experience!

    1. Thank you, Chef Anthony! I just now saw this. I remember our tour and it was wonderful meeting you. Hope to see you again soon.


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